DA - Diagramming Language

The core of the Describe Anything method is the DA diagramming language which allows to form System Descriptions as collections of Aspects. Its subjects are Systems, which have Interfaces and are connected via Flows.

The DA diagramming language is composed of a small set of symbols which are interconnected according to an even smaller set of rules. A small core set already allows to express all possible System Descriptions, some auxiliary symbols and rules enhance readability for humans and add meta information.

Systems can be classified into any number of types. While the DA diagramming language is agnostic of this fact, it can be extended with System annotations expressing the type of a System.

Flows and Interfaces are of one and only one of the following types:

We provide a library (palette) for the draw.io diagram editor. Download it here: Describe Anything.

Author: Georg Lehner

Created: 2020-12-08 Tue 15:14