Describe Anything

The Describe Anything (DA) method uses a minimalistic diagramming language to enhance shared understanding, foster the creation of a common language and support cognitive processes in collective undertakings.

DA applies to a wide range of activities, from informal back-of-the-envelopInterfacese sketches of a problem domain to formal modeling of complex systems including logical validation of either the model or the design.

While the DA language roots in General System Theory it is deliberately reduced, so that its grammar fits into anybodies brain. The System Descriptions built by DA diagrams are delimited to a well defined cognitive context: DA models provide the structural view of a knowledge domain and act as the index for all further exploration.

This page is the starting point of the authoritative reference for the Describe Anything method and diagramming language.

Diagram including all shapes in use by the Describe Anything method
Figure 1: Describe Anything diagram in a nutshell

Author: Georg Lehner

Created: 2020-12-07 Mon 23:53